What is Restorative Ink?

Our mission is to assist survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking through the removal of tattooing or physical branding. By helping to heal the past emotional and physical wounds that were left behind due to each person’s unique experiences, our goal is to assist them in regaining their personal identities.

  • An estimated 20-40 million people are considered victims of modern slavery aka trafficking.
  • Human trafficking is a $150 billion a year business globally.
  • Branding tattoos are used to show ownership and work as a psychological reminder of the victim’s subservience to their abuser/trafficker.
  • Branding tattoos can cause shame/trauma/depression.
  • Branding can be used as a weapon of domestic violence and is about showing control and ownership.
  • 1 in 3 women will experience domestic violence.
  • Nearly ½ of all women and men in the US will experience psychological aggression in their lifetime.

Restorative Ink (EIN 84-2491648) is a 501-c3 nonprofit that offers survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking free removal of branding tattoos that were forcibly placed on their bodies to show ownership. The removal of branding tattoos is so much more than tattoo removal, it is a second chance, a clean slate, the opportunity to continue the healing process and take control over their life once again. It is a gateway for the survivor to regain their own identity. So often when survivors come in for their initial appointment, they are scared and nervous. It is humbling to be a small part of their healing as they grow more comfortable and confident with each treatment. The look on survivors’ faces once the brand is removed says it all. You can tell a burden is lifted, shame is gone, their eyes are brightened and filled with hope. There is finally relief that their abuser is physically and mentally gone.

What makes Restorative Ink unique is that we offer full tattoo removal services free of cost and we offer kindness and ministry to our survivors while getting them in touch with other valuable resources to continue their healing. 

Compassionate, committed individuals and communities like yours are the most powerful resource there is to prevent and reduce human trafficking. But to leverage your power, you need the best possible information. Take Polaris’s free introductory course, Human Trafficking 101, to learn what human trafficking really is, how it happens, and how you can be part of the solution. 

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