Article Spotlights

Article Spotlights

  • The International Skin Games 2020 Compassion Category Winner: Restorative Ink

    To watch the International winning video, click HERE to watch it now!

  • Removing the Brand (Tattoos on Trafficking Survivors) | Restorative Ink | NASNPROtv

  • League of the Ridiculous 2021 Nominee: Restorative Ink

  • From BBC OS – “I remove tattoos from trafficking survivors”

    To listen to Stephanie’s interview with BBC, click the link below. Stephanie Andresen-Stevens is a laser technician in Wisconsin, US. She helps former gang members and survivors of trafficking and domestic abuse to remove the tattoos that were used to mark them. She hopes that by erasing the unwanted ink she can help them move on. (Photo: Stephanie Andresen-Stevens. Credit: Sarah Schultz Photography)

  • Onalaska business owner helps remove painful scars to help victims start over

    By Heather ArmstrongApr 11, 2019 ONALASKA, Wis. (WXOW) – An Onalaska business owner heard about a need and is stepping up to provide that help free of charge. Stephanie Andreson Stephens says perfecting skin is all in a day’s work as the owner of Brilliant Body Works. However, lately Stephanie has been moved to help remove tattoos from people who say those marks were put there against their will or when they were feeling vulnerable. “It’s so important to remove…

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  • The Beauty of Giving Back

    By Stephanie Andresen-Stevens, Brilliant Bodywork There is no doubt in my mind that estheticians are some of the most empathetic and selfless individuals you will ever meet. We work long hours caring for clients emotionally, spiritually and physically. For some, it can be difficult to find and maintain balance at the end of the day. For me, I find balance in investing and honoring my community by contributing and giving back wherever I can. I donate time, energy, talent and…

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  • Removing Tattoos to Help Abuse Victims Heal

    “I was in an extremely high-violent marriage for five years.” This survivor had the name of her abusive ex-husband tattooed on her neck — and she’s finally getting it removed thanks to a nonprofit at no cost. Taking back the past Stephanie Andresen-Stevens helps abuse survivors heal by removing reminders of their painful past. She removes tattoos for free through her nonprofit Restorative Ink. Andresen-Stevens who has owned the award-winning Onalaska massage therapy, skin care and spa business for over…

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  • Woman Removes Tattoos Forced onto Human Trafficking and Abuse Survivors for Free

    By Kim Wong-Shing For tattoo lovers, getting a new tattoo is an empowering decision. But for many abuse survivors, tattoos tell a much different, more painful story — their tattoos often weren’t a choice, but were forced upon them as a display of control. Fortunately, one Wisconsin woman is dedicated to removing those tattoos, for free. Stephanie Andresen-Stephens owns Brilliant Bodywork in Onalaska, Wisconsin. She started a nonprofit called Restorative Ink to remove the tattoos of human trafficking survivors, former gang members, domestic abuse…

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  • Meet The Woman Erasing Marks Of Human Traffickers — For Free.

    By Corinne Sanders April 27, 2019 Tattoos are meant to hold special meaning. But for some, the ink adorning their bodies only serves as a painful reminder of the trauma they’ve endured. The dark reality is that many survivors of violence were forced into getting tattoos. In a show of dominance, human traffickers, abusive partners, and gang members leave a permanent mark on their victims’ bodies — often in the form of tattoos. Even after they escape, the victims are left…

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  • Western Wisconsin woman removes tattoos forced on victims of violence for free

    By Savanna TomeiApr 23, 2019 Onalaska (WQOW/WXOW) – A Wisconsin woman has found her life’s work in helping survivors of abuse erase scars that harbor painful memories. For survivors of abuse, the emotional scars can last a lifetime. But for some, they’ve got physical scars in the form of tattoos, forced on them as a way to exert control. An Onalaska woman has found her purpose using high-tech machinery from her day job to help victims of violence, domestic abuse, and…

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  • Human Trafficking and It’s Red Flags

    Human trafficking is a pressing public health concern that transcends all races, social classes, demographics, and gender. No population is exempt from the ever-present threat of traffickers. Human traffickers are motivated by greed, driven by quota, devoid of respect for human rights, preying upon the vulnerable, and damaging the psychological and physical well-being of their victims. The extent of the economic and social impacts on society is unknown and requires further research to define and guide community-based care, protocols, and…

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